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Born into an artistic family in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Kathy began drawing at an early age. She was mesmerized by the power and magic of the ocean that she perceived in the pages of National Geographic. In the mid-1980's she happily followed relatives to Marin County and became a passionate kayaker.
On the water, camera in tow, she saw how the light constantly altered the scene through the interplay of colors, shapes, and movement. She discovered joy in waiting to capture special moments that she could take back to her studio and savor through painting.
Mostly self-taught with eclectic tastes, Kathy enjoys exploring media, subjects, and styles. She has done illustrations and learned graphic design at Platt College in San Francisco. She works mostly in oil, with watercolor her current focus.
A sample of oil paintings include the North Tower, awarded Best of Show at the Marin County Fair on the bridge's 75th anniversary; a life-size portrait of Abraham Lincoln; the dreamy Fog Signal Station; and a fantasy take on The Raven with the author surrounded by iconic objects from his poem.
Kathy shifted to watercolor during the pandemic as a way to engage online with adult students at Cedars of Marin. To bring meaning and levity to this somber period, she created a whimsical portrayal of woodland animals. "I feel a connection with these creatures that leans toward the spiritual. I appreciate their intelligence and role in life on our planet." The Court Carts reveal their nobility in poster-size portraits of a buck deer, barn owl, and jack rabbit as the king, queen, and jack of hearts!
Kathy has fulfilled commissions for human and pet portraits, seascapes, and Marin landmarks. Her work is always evolving and is accessible at he art studio and website.

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